1000 hands Guan Yin Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Chinese brass pendant Buddha amulet god of mercy magic quan im bless success lucky gift


Guman thong Luke Grog Gin Rok LP Pin pendant amulet baby ghost boy calling for good luck,wealth & prosperity Thailand lucky nice rare gift


guan yin quan im yin and yang sign chinese brass pendant amulet blessing for success in all wish Thailand nice lucky gift


lp Klai tiny coin thai buddha amulet powerful pendant blessed in 1962 (2505 BE.) for money and success attraction Thailand sacred lucky gift


lord Shiva mahadev mahadeva great god & maa Durga uma devi goddess hindu deity amulet pendant nice lucky blessing protection success gift


Khunpaen Dice batch small statue lucky gamble lotto stock investor bless for strong good luck attraction Thai Buddha mini amulet lucky win


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Hello and Welcome to Thai amulet shop by TumKing. I'm Thai. Thailand is the country in Southeast Asia. Thailand is number one of Buddhism Religion in the world. You can find Valuable Antique,Amulet from my store in a very attractive price.